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Tel: 07092013444
Tel: 07092013444

Sandlady Sand Art

Fax: 07092013444
Fax: 07092013444

Welcome to the premium website on the net for all your sand art needs

We are an exciting company offering the very best in children's entertainment 

SandLady is dedicated to Providing the finest in Sand Bottles for schools and Arts & Crafts events

Are you a Fund Raiser/Chairperson?
Have a birthday party coming up soon and require something new?
Looking for a great new fun business idea?
Looking for something new and stimulating? 
Small business venture or just for fun!

Buy or Sell coloured sand bottles, coloured sand, coloured sand pendants and create attractive designs, 
make a substantial profit for your school or organization.

We supply environmentally friendly materials with an array of Coloured Sand's, Bottles, Pendants, Key Rings and Sand Pictures that are a 100% safe and easy to make, ideal for schools, after-schools club, fund raising events and other activities 

Each item is made in the finest plastic bottles, incorporating our unique creative style and designs that will leave the kids with a fun and memorable experience as they create their own sand designs using their imagination!

"The sand art stall was a huge success at our summer school fete. There was a constant crowd of children delighted at the many different sand bottles they could select from. The Sandlady was extremely efficient and dispatched our order immediately. A great choice for anyone looking for a popular fundraising activity!"

  Anne Mee PTA, Herts.

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